Care Instructions

1 For both flat and exotic leathers, it is important to keep your boots clean from dust and dirt, as they rob the leather of much-needed moisture. To clean dirt from the boot, simply dust off the leather and buff it with a soft cloth. Caiman and lizard skins require a little more time and elbow grease in cleaning dust and dirt out of the tiles. The life of the boots can be extended significantly just by keeping them clean between uses.  
2  If your boots get wet, let them dry, clean them with a soft cloth as described above, and then treat then with a good leather conditioner. We recommend Bickmore® Bick 4 Leather Conditioner. Exotic leathers have deeper textures that do not absorb conditioner as quickly as flat leathers, so conditioners should be applied in several thin layers rather than all at once. You should apply and buff the conditioner all the way to the sole line of a boot. If not, that area of the boot will crack and deteriorate. If the boot has a leather sole, it should also be conditioned. This increases the life of the sole because it restores moisture and discourages cracking.  
3 Please remove your boots with a bootjack or by using your hands. We see many heels pulled off and heel counters destroyed by putting a toe against the heel, or on top of a spur resulting in damage to the heel and heel counter.  
4 Store your boots in a cool, dry area with Boot Trees inside the boots to support the leather. This will preserve the longevity of your prized boots.  
5 If color restoration is needed, we recommend using a good cream polish in the color you need. Combine this with a good treatment of Bickmore® Bick 4 Leather Conditioner to aid in keeping moisture in the leather of your boots for longer life and reduced cracking.  
6 In snowy climates, be sure you clean your boots after exposure to snow and salt. Salt robs the leather of moisture and reduces the life of the leather. Use leather conditioner regularly to combat the effects of wet conditions.  
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