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Rod Patrick Bootmakers® loves the challenge of those who are "hard to fit". It's this simple: it's because you have never had the options we offer. Rod Patrick Bootmakers® is the only bootmaker to offer sizes 4 to 17 and thirteen different widths (EEEEE, EEEE, EEE, EE, E, D, C, B, A, AA, AAA, AAAA, AAAAA) which when combined, create the correctly fitted boot. Visit your nearest Rod Patrick Bootmakers® DEALER for your custom fit.


Rod Patrick Bootmakers® is proud of our perfected hand lasting process. Each gender-specific last endured rigorous prototyping, balancing and wear testing until reaching perfection. Unlike most manufacturers' "efficient" machine lasting, our artisan craftsmen hand last each pair, offering a maximum fit, comfort and durability.


Channel Stitch construction builds the foundation for a superior boot. Rod Patrick Bootmakers® employs this technique, stitching the vamp, lining and welt to the ridge under the insole. Channel stitching is only performed by the best bootmakers, those who uphold the standard of crafting by hand. Our channel stitched insoles ensure a cool, lightweight, conforming fit which can only be experienced in the all-leather insole of a Rod Patrick boot.


Never compromising in process, construction or components, Rod Patrick Bootmakers'® expert craftsmen use Lemon wood pegs to craft every Rod Patrick® boot. No less than 42 Lemon wood pegs are hand driven into each boot, securely locking the insole and the outsole together, ensuring the shank of a Rod Patrick® boot will never twist. This time-honored process assures durability of construction to last for years.


Rod Patrick Bootmakers® uses only pristine, flawless sections of leather to craft our boots. Top-grain leather is paramount to the comfort, quality and durability of each pair we make and we accept nothing less than perfection. Inferior leathers are often sanded, buffed, snuffed or otherwise corrected to remove imperfections, compromising the integrity of the boot. Rod Patrick Bootmakers® uses only perfect hides for our masterpieces.

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Custom Design boots by Rod Patrick Bootmakers® are exactly that – custom. This boot is crafted upon your request. You may design your boots choosing the heel style, toe shape, hide, stitch patterns and from a wide variety of hide finishes and thread colors.

About Us

The Rod Patrick Bootmakers'® reputation has been built upon crafting boots which offer a superior fit. With over 45 years of hand lasting our boots we have refined our traditional techniques and processes, ensuring flawless fits for every pair.


Rod Patrick Bootmakers® is known for making the best fitting, handmade, custom-designed boots on the market. We meticulously craft our boots from the finest quality components for style, comfort, and durability.


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Resole & Repair

It is natural for soles to wear-out over time. Rod Patrick Bootmakers offers an excellent resoling service to our customers at a reasonable price. Please give us a call at (817) 862-9884 so we may answer any questions you have. We can help to take care of that for you. Factory quality workmanship and authentic Rod Patrick materials, plus world class service and convenience.

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CUSTOM design

Our wide selection of flat leathers and exotic skins, stitch patterns, heels, toes and soles comprise virtually endless combinations. Let Rod Patrick Bootmakers create the perfect pair of custom boots for you.

  • I have worn nothing but Rod Patrick Boots for almost 10 years. Their superior quality, selection, and variety of hides and styles is second to none. Their beautiful family run store front in Fort Worth is always fully stocked, with experts on hand to help with fit, and ensures that I’ve always got the best pair for my needs- from work to horse shows to dress.
    R L Chartier
    Professional Horseman / Weatherford, TX
  • I love my Rod Patrick boots. No matter what style you choose they are all so comfortable. I use them for my daily training and as my show boots. My feet used to hurt at the end of my day, but after wearing Rod Patrick boots, my feet don’t hurt. Besides the comfort, they are beautiful boots. Great made. Last a long time. They are the only boots I wear! So happy with them.
    Kenny Lakins
    Professional Horseman / Wilmington, OH
  • I wear boots everyday whether it be at work or a horse show. Rod Patrick boots are the only choice for me. I came to Bobby 4 years ago in hopes to find a boot that I could wear all day comfortably. He found the right fit for me and I have been wearing Rod Patrick boots ever since. They are fashionable, well made, comfortable, and come with the best customer service in the business. If you have any issues Bobby and his team will take care of it. They are by far the best boot I have ever worn.
    J R Cook
    AQHA / APHA / NCHA NonPro, Cypress, Texas
  • I’m kinda a boot snob, I want boots that look amazing and have a great fit! Rod Patrick Boots definitely have both these qualities! Whether I’m in my work boots riding or in my dress boots headed out for a night on the town, Rod Patrick Boots have been my go to for over 10 years! Rod Patrick’s quality is second to none!
    Jason Martin
    Professional Horseman / Pilot Point, TX
  • I have been wearing Rod Patrick boots for almost 10 years! Prior to that I struggled finding boots that fit right and didn’t make my feet hurt! Once I was properly fit with Rod Patrick Boots, my feet have been much happier! Rod Patrick not only has the best fitting boot but also they are beautiful looking and are made to last!
    Charlie Cole
    Professional Horseman / Pilot Point, TX
  • My wife, Niki and I are amazed at not only the fit but the comfort of Rod Patrick Boots. We can go from working horses all day long, riding and washing horses, to walking around on the concrete in Fort Worth in the same boots and at the end of the day we are ready to for tomorrow. The customer service is second to none, Bobby and his team go above and beyond every time.
    Louie Saggione
    Professional Horseman / New Boston, TX
  • I wear my Rod Patrick Boots all day, every day and I can’t imagine doing my job without them! Rod Patricks are unmatched in the comfort they provide me day in and day out as well as the ability to feel my horses which is extremely important to me.
    Aaron Moses
    Professional Horseman / Pilot Point, TX
  • I've been wearing Rod Patrick boots for 12 years now I bought my first pair when I was at the AQHA world show. My back was hurting, so I let them they sized me. Once I bought them, I've been wearing them 365 days a year since. Whether it's judging a horse show, running a horse show, or showing, I can wear them all day! The words “Feel the Fit” are actually true, they're the best in my book!
    John Boxell
    AQHA Judge / Professional Horseman / Auburn, Illinois
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